Prestige of MPV Back Up in U.S.

Multi-purpose vehicle or multi-purpose vehicle ( MPV ) is very popular in Indonesia due to the characteristics of consumers who are ” family ” . Well , in the ” country ” sedans and pickups , United States ( U.S. ) , prestige of this type of vehicle slowly began to back up.

MPV minivan category designation in the US- arguably less prominence in the global market . The form is big and tends to messing ( boxy ) is often considered old school and less trendy . This type of vehicle began to lose prominence since the 1980s . Today , many manufacturers refer to this type of vehicle as ” people mover ” or “family haulers ” , created to avoid any jargon that seem old school minivan .

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" Nobody wants to be categorized as a minivan , but at the same time , they should be able to take advantage of these vehicles deliver . The harder you convince that it’s not a minivan , consumers increasingly convinced that it is a minivan , " Said Jessica Caldwell , an auto analyst from Edmunds . com , reported by Autoblog ( 27/05/2014 ) .

Now , with an increasingly complex market conditions than before , the car and the roomy cabin that offers more passenger numbers began to rise . The vehicle type is now considered to be suitable for a small family who live in a congested city .

In 2000 , the total MPV sales peaked around 1.3 million units in the United States . However , this number decreased to 434,000 units in 2009 , resulting in a number of brand marketing discontinue some models in this segment . Now , only eight models rely on the market , sales in 2013 rose to 532 000 units . Opportunities are quite tempting for a number of car brands and sales figures are expected to continue to rise as more and more models are offered this year


Solar Subsidies Rare, Hundreds of truck driver demo

Hundreds of truck drivers who are members of the Alliance Trucker CK rallies in Palangkaraya , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) . The drivers staged following the difficulty of getting subsidized diesel fuel in Palangkaraya .

Starting convoy passed through a number of pathways alongside city protocol , the action continued with the speeches and banners exposition demands .

Scarcity of diesel subsidy by the Alliance Coordinator Trucker CK , Ismail due to police action that played at the pump . According to Ismail , the truck driver is currently paying a liter of diesel at the pump for Rp 6,000 .

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The price is different from the price set by the government . Meanwhile, if you buy in retail selling price per liter to Rp 11,000 .

"In the past we ‘ve demos like this , but it happened again . Because there are unscrupulous police and military so the mafia at the pump , we pay six thousand liter , queue of night baseball can be " said Ismail .

Not only is it expensive , the driver also complained about the difficulty gets solar subsidies . If you want to get diesel subsidy should line up the night before to get a diesel next day . In fact, sometimes they have to menganter more than twenty- four hours .

There was some debate between the Chief Legislative action coordinator Palangkaraya , K. Sigit Yuniarto . According to protesters , the government Palangkaraya can not resolve this issue and they were impressed with impunity .


3000 Youth and Student Movement Declaration We Jokowi

To succeed the Presidential Election (Election ) in 2014 , the Civil Society Alliance For Great Indonesia ( Almisbat ) program initiated Chicken Opor which stands for Association Chat Babble Confident People Will Win Hear . Associations such as the notion of political rights of the nation to support the award of Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) in the 2014 Presidential Election .

Campaign Coordinator Almisbat Indra P Simatupang reveal what that idea is Almisbat work program invites young voters to get involved in the upcoming presidential election .

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" This morning we declare Mental Revolution movement of young people " Reject Non Stop ( Drugs , Drugs , Nicotine , SARA , Terrorism , Onar , Porn action ) , "said Indra in the event held in GOR Youth , East Jakarta , Friday ( 23 / 5/2014 ) .

This event was made intentionally morning , and attended 3,000 students and young people as Jakarta . That’s according to Indra as the articulation of a mental revolution initiated implementation Jokowi . Youth as the future of the nation , should be familiarized disciplined life , get up early and avoid criminal prosecution.

" This morning we declare a movement We Jokowi Jokowi wearing masks simultaneously. It is a symbol of the hopes of the people for change . We who want change . We are wanting people to prosper . Who we are , we Jokowi . With this Jokowi we make a movement . Movement along the expected changes , " he explained .

The event was attended by about 3,000 students since the main objective is to maximize Almisbat voters , floating masses and white group ( abstentions ) to win Jokowi with segmentation Smash ( Action Synergies Harmony accordance aspiration ) of all groups .

Because it also Templates Idelologi Opor Chicken Struggle ( PDIP Opor Chicken ) was won Jokowi as President from 2014 to 2019 with the paradigm of overcoming backwardness , spurring progress and achieve victory in the contestation of betting in the world .


Ahok: Jokowi Already Intend Help Pristono

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo has prepared legal aid to defend the former head of the Department of Transportation Udar Pristono with respect to the determination of his status as a suspect in the case of a rusty bus . However , the Legal Bureau said that the city administration can not defend Pristono because its status is suspect .

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" Mr. Jokowi was calling me . Nanya He has been the extent to which ( case Pristono ) ? Are we able to help ? Said Law Bureau could not help because it has become a suspect . Course we still ok if you want to give legal aid , let alone the same parents , but it is not it could be because the law is set up so hard , " said Vice Governor of Jakarta Tjahaja Basuki Purnama at City Hall on Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) .

Therefore , Basuki lamented Pristono statement that calls that he be left alone to deal with such cases . What’s more , he said , Pristono also mention that both Jokowi and Basuki know about the procurement of the buses from China .

" Mr. Udar her say as if we are not going to help . Yeah , how can one help when it became a suspect , " said the man who was familiarly called Ahok it .

Previously , Pristono regretted that only the Jakarta Transportation Agency who examined the AGO . He said , during the last 2012-2013 years , it has curb traffic flow Tanah Abang , Pasar Minggu , and Djatinegara .

" Actually , I am here to be left alone to face the problems are so severe . Seeing dozens of members of the Transportation Agency examined one by one and five persons have become a suspect , " said Pristono .

" We ask for protection from the leadership . Nothing matters could lighten our load . Things civil become criminal in nature . We are civil servants, state administrative rules , we are not criminals , " he said .


Jokowi - JK Case Is not Easy

Many people support the presidential candidate PDI if Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) duet with Jusuf Kalla ( JK ) . However , there are also a couple discordant notes related to the age difference .

Political analyst from the University of Indonesia , Boni Hargens , and JK acknowledge electability Jokowi same - the same height . However, it does not mean the duo are both ideal .

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" Yes , JK right dominant . Later , he could set forth Jokowi . Consideration too hard , " Boni said when talking with Okezone , Sunday ( 18/05/2014 ) .

Director of Voter Indonesian Institute ( LPI ) , said menduetkan Jokowi - JK is not easy . ” It’s not easy . Actually Abraham Samad good . , But baseball is as strong as JK network , ” he said .

However , Boni was not sure Jokowi - Samad will duet in the presidential election ( election ) next July 9, 2014 . ” In fact, the very same ideal Abraham Samad . , But the ideal is always difficult in politics . Due to political talk things measured , the ideal is sometimes difficult to take shape in reality , ” he said .

" There are good looking but do not technically qualify as cash , and other parties . However , are less than ideal even got it all , " due diligence.


New Economic Minister Challenged Cancel Sunda Strait Bridge Project

Economist Faisal Basri wish , substitute as Coordinating Minister Hatta Rajasa later for Economic Affairs , bold cancel projects Sunda Strait Bridge ( JSS ) .

According to him , it would reinforce the dominance JSS ground transportation which makes the cost of logistics in Indonesia is the most expensive in the world . Based on the World Bank study ( 2013) , the cost of logistics in Indonesia reached 27 percent of gross domestic product ( GDP ) , much higher than Singapore by 8 percent , Malaysia 13 percent , Thailand 20 percent , and even higher than the 25 percent of Vietnam ‘s GDP .

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Nearly half of the cost of logistics in Indonesia aspirated transportation costs . In a paper that has also been uploaded on the blog , Faisal said , poor port facilities and supporting infrastructure is reflected in a sharp deterioration in the infrastructure elements of logistics performance index ( LPI ) of the sequence Indonesia 69th in 2010 to 84th in 2012 .

" For example , timeliness of the 69th into the 41st , logistics quality and competence of all 92 into the 61st , tracking and tracing of the 80th into the 51st , and international shipments from the 80th into the 57th , " Faisal wrote .

Conditions oversized infrastructure that makes the overall LPI Indonesia lagged behind neighboring countries outside of Cambodia , Laos , and Myanmar . Previously , Faisal has also been stated that Indonesia is a maritime country should strengthen marine transportation .

" We are a maritime nation , which is blessed with a marine highway without barriers , and bridges that connect the island is not as Sunda Strait Bridge , " he said .

He said the road is only capable of transporting the goods to the small capacity , while if sea transport and port reinforced addressed it will increase the transport capacity .

" If the shipment by road will only be able to carry a small capacity , while if we can optimize sea freight would be much better , " said Faisal .


Makassar Mayor Expects 99 Percent Graduation UN SMP

Mayor of Makassar , South Sulawesi , Ilham Arief Sirajuddin , claiming the implementation of national examination ( UN ) junior level in the region takes place smoothly. He targeted the graduation of participants reached 99 percent .

" Testing takes place smoothly. We tergetkan satisfactory result and 99 percent of students graduate , " said Ilham Arief Sirajuddin , after monitoring the course of the exam in a junior high school in Makassar , Monday ( 05/05/2014 ) .

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He explained that the number of junior level UN participants reached 21,800 students in Makassar . As many as three of them do not take the test because schools have moved to another area .

Meanwhile, the UN were held today marred by delays SMPN5 number of students in Makassar . In addition , examinees also not be confused with a sequential number on the answer sheet .

Based on the observation , the students who received a warning from the late invigilator . Nevertheless , they are still allowed to enter the room .

Initially , the exam silent . However , suddenly some students questioned the wrong serial number on the computer answer sheet ( LJK ) . On the answer sheet is not listed as number 39 after the number 38 directly skip to number 40 . That’s what makes the students confused .

After getting an explanation from the supervisor , the participants went back to answer questions .


Honda Develops a Smart Home Energy Efficient

Various companies compete to create a ” smart home ” his own version , is no exception automotive company , Honda . Together with the University of California , Davis ( UC Davis ) , Honda build a smart home version in California .

The automotive company combines the two biggest carbon emitters , namely households and cars , to make an environmentally friendly place to live . The house -made Honda ‘s ” not a stupid idea ” . Here is why .

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Does not make any home with a stamp ” smart ” , UC Davis Honda and attention to detail that is in the house . First of all , they studied the direction of sunlight and shade to reduce the cost of home temperature settings . They also use a three-layer window , double- wall construction , special roof , and special materials such as concrete are given pozzolan and post - tensioning to reduce its carbon footprint .

This house was built with FSC certified timber . According to Green Building Advisor , steel roofs also have high standards .

Second , this house has a heating system that is very complex . Gray water or rain water and water that has been used will go into the tank in the garden , made ​​it past the heat pump to heat and cool the house across the floor and ceiling .

In addition , Ben Schiller of Fastcoexist noted , this house has a solar power plant of 9.5 kilowatts , 10 kilowatts batteries to store excess power , home energy management systems from Honda , and an electric car in the garage .

According to Schiller , the use of passive design principles , this home will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter . The geothermal pump system will reduce the cost of heating and air conditioning .

Third , the house uses LED technology lighting of the lamp . Lighting technology allows occupants to adjust the temperature of the lamp as needed . Honda and researchers from the California Lighting Technology Center at UC Davis was trying to explore the light color settings .

If you can easily adjust the color of the lights , light the owner can browse easily and safely home at night , then back to rest . Because the lights dim yellowish light up at night enough without menyiutkan rhodopsin in the human eye . Eye could see in the dim light .

You can also listen to the video and an explanation of making home made ​​by architect Lim Chang Rohling & Associates , Monley Cronin contractors , interior designers MAK Design + Build , and energy consultants Davis Energy Group , following .


4 Key Success Billionaire Success

Every successful person certainly has a way of achieving that success. It depends on the background of each and the industry that they do .

Eric Schmidt , Google’s executive chairman , said that many people give up too soon . ” A lot of people know what to want, but do not want to try , ” he said , as quoted by CNBC , Saturday ( 05/03/2014 ) .

" They should have the confidence and vision . And they also have to fight for success , " he added .

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Billionaire Carl Icahn calls , successful people definitely enjoyed what he was doing . ” Do it right , and do it to finish . Make everything perfect , ” he explained .

" Money is an indicator . , But I did not need the money anymore . , But now I am obsessed with the achievement of the other , " he continued .

Successful entrepreneur Martha Stewart stated , success is the result of hard work , and attention to detail matters . In addition , he also understands branding . This media entrepreneurs build a successful business empire from home .

" I have a friend named Charlotte Beers , and he kept saying , ’ Martha , you are a brand , you are the brand ! ’ , " He explained .

" And one time when I wake up, I say , ’ I was a brand that , ‘" he explained .

Meg Whitman , chief executive of Hewlett Packard and CEO of eBay , said it took a lot of energy to achieve success .

" I always get the team energized . I always feel an advanced team member , not the boss . , Therefore, I always got the right people for every job , at the right time with the right attitude , " he explained .


May Day Not Disturb Fuel Consumption

Workers in Indonesia to commemorate International Labor Day or commonly known as May Day , which falls on May 1.

Usually the workers staged a demonstration with down the street in big cities like Jakarta . In Jakarta alone , these workers to vent the action by heading Roundabout Hotel Indonesia ( HI ) . The workers of various industrial estates in the center moving towards the heart of the capital city using large vehicles such as buses , and motorcycles metromini .

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PT Pertamina ( Persero ) as the dealer body fuel oil ( BBM ) see demonstrations that use hundreds of these vehicles do not interfere with the supply of fuel .

" So far it is still normal , " said Vice President of Corporate Communications to Okezone , Jakarta , Friday ( 05/02/2014 ) .

According to Ali , the state of the fuel supply safe because this year’s May Day became a national holiday that makes people slightly reduced activity .

" Because other people also reduces to travel , " he said .