Billboard Collapsed at Home Wisma BCA, traffic hiccup

Sebuah papan reklame yang terletak di depan BCA Wisma Asia roboh akibat hujan deras yang disertai angin kencang, Selasa (22/4/2014). Beberapa pengendara motor dan mobil yang tengah melintas di Jalan S Parman, Jakarta Barat tersebut tertimpa papan reklame tersebut.

Akun Twitter Polda Metro Jaya, @TMCPoldaMetro, merilis foto papan reklame yang menimpa pengendara motor tersebut. Info ini juga disampaikan sejumlah pengguna Twitter.

"Baliho tumbang dan menimpa pengendara mobil+motor tepat di depan BCA Wisma Asia Slipi," ujar @anakustad.

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Hal senada disampaikan akun @Diioo_. “Papan iklan di depan mal slipi roboh.”


Keyboard Present at Google’s Xperia Play Store

Sony continues to separately publish some core applications of his ROM . This time they released a new application to Google that the Xperia Play Keyboard Store . Not just any keyboard , because the Xperia keyboard is a keyboard that offers a swipe for the Android version of KitKat .

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Reporting from XperiaBlog , this app finally comes to Google Play Store which can be installed on all new Xperia phone and includes all languages ​​except Chinese , Japanese and Korean . So far Sony is also still offer the enrichment of features in this application to various developers .

With 6.4.A.0.6 version number , this is a newer version than the previous version which is on the Xperia devices that run the Android OS version Kitkat 6.3.A.0.18 version . Sony said that so far the Xperia Keyboard app can only be installed on the Sony Xperia Android 4.4.2 OS KitKat . Sony said that they will bring new features , a new layout and support Thai language .


Fired PPP, Rachmat Yasin Said Rapimnas Illegal

Politicians Development Party (PPP) Rachmat Yasin said the national leadership meeting (rapimnas) which will be held on Saturday (19/4) in Jakarta, is legal because rapimnas to determine whether it was legal or not is determined by the AD / ART party rather than by individuals.

"Well it is legal, illegal or not illegal, it is not determined by the per person but is determined by the AD / ART party.’s (Rapimnas) legal, it acts committed Solar (Suryadharma Ali) yesterday that is illegal, we rapimnas refer to AD / ART, "said Rachmat Yasin, in Bandung on Saturday.

He said, to attend the rapimnas he came to the West Java branch of the PPP Office, at Student Street Fighter Bandung to know what material will be covered.

"Tonight I have to attend rapimnas, rapimnas matter what I have to ask first to DPC-DPC. And finally in rapimnas it must decide what, they also have to know," he said. The thing about asking for accountability of PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali in Gerindra campaign, he said, remains the main agenda rapimnas.

"Then refused, if it is, there-pemecetan dismissal of the cadre, the DPW PPP Barar Java and all branches reject all of the agenda, and returned to its original position," he said.

According to him, to this day he has never received a letter of dismissal as chairman of the West Java branch of the PPP PPP officials. “If it is true I was fired, to date I have not received the letter,” he said.

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In his meeting with PPP DPC 25 in West Java, said Rachmat, there is a desire to implement the relevant Extraordinary Congress at the party’s happening today. “And the third to restore the dignity of the PPP, DPC-DPC mandated me to extraordinary congress mandates, “he said.


Still Hospital, tour Absence Content Seminar

Jakarta Vice Governor Basuki Purnama Tjahaja today , Saturday, April 19, 2014 , is still absent . He did not attend the seminars and workshops Optimization of Public Transport Services by operation of MRT in Jakarta were invited as speakers . ( Read : Pain , Three Days Absent Ahok Permission )

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In this event , Ahok - Basuki familiar greeting - Head of Planning Jakarta represented Andi Baso Mappapoleonro . ” Mr. Vice Governor ‘m sorry not to be here , ” he told reporters when opening a seminar at the University of Tarumanegara , West Jakarta , Saturday, April 19, 2014 . ( Read : Ahok Undergo Surgery Sinusitis in Pluit Hospital )

Andi Baso said Ahok not fully recovered after undergoing sinus surgery last week . He mentions not sound normal Ahok . “The voice of him that we usually hear it has not recovered . If he comes here , we might wonder this is Mr. Ahok or not , ” he said to laughter from the audience.

As reported previously , Ahok absent from work during the week. Ahok sinusitis underwent surgery and was hospitalized in Pluit , North Jakarta for three days . ( Read : Pain , Ahok averse dijenguk )


Promised in the Police Academy , Said fact Fooled R1 M

Police Criminal Investigation Unit personnel field , securing Rosmidah Nasution ( 46 ) from his residence in Jalan Cempaka , Housing Helvetia , Helvetia District of Medan , Medan .

Rosmidah arrested for alleged to have committed fraud under the guise brokers who can help be a Youth Police Academy graduation .

Invisible Criminal Police Field , Commissioner Jean Calvijn simanjuntak said , catching Rosmida originated from the victim reports Harahap Said Ali on January 15, 2014 last . Said claimed to have handed over the money Rp1 billion to Rosmidah because diimingi lure her to enter into the Police Academy .

" Mode is the perpetrator is claimed to be passed to the child victims were cadets at the Police Academy . For his services perpetrators also asked for money Rp1 billion . He said the committee to pay the Police Academy this year . But in fact the child victim does not pass . Later revealed that the child victim is not registered , "said Calvijn , Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) .

Calvijn added , depending on the case long enough because the offender was originally promised to return the money the victim . But in fact the promise was never fulfilled until now . ” Victims are disappointed already requested the money be returned . Originally menyanggupinya actors . But it turns out the money was never returned . So the victim eventually requested that the perpetrators be processed in accordance with applicable law , ” he added .

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" We still do a deep investigation into the case . Do actors work alone , or indeed any network . If it will be proven to exist we said . Including if there is a person involved , " he said .


Obama: Russia-West meeting about Ukraine Promising, but …

President Barack Obama on Thursday (04/17/2014), said the talks between Russia and Western countries aimed at ending tensions in Ukraine promises.

However, Obama said the U.S. and its allies are ready to impose sanctions if the meeting fails to rectify the situation.

"There are possibilities, prospects, diplomacy might defuse the situation," Obama told reporters at the White House.

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"The question now is whether Russia will use their influence to improve the situation so that Ukraine can hold elections and move to reform as proposed?" Obama said.


Terrible! More than 100 Boy Woman Kidnapped in Nigeria Boko Haram

Boko Haram militants in Nigeria kidnapped more than 100 girls from a school . This action forced the Nigerian army to carry out large-scale pursuit of the abductors .

The mass kidnapping occurred in the area of ​​Borno , just hours after a deadly explosion occurred at a bus terminal on the outskirts of Abuja , which killed 75 people . Similarly, as reported by AFP on Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

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An eyewitness said that the gunmen stormed the Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok , Borno on Monday ( 14/4 ) afternoon . They set fire to buildings in the school complex and opened fire at soldiers and police guarding the school .

The gunmen crippling security officers guarding the school and forced entry into the building . Subsequently , they forced the female students at the school get into the truck and get away with it .

A source from the local security authorities who declined to be named said , there are more than 100 female students abducted a group of armed men believed to be members of Boko Haram militants . Boko Haram ‘s own name means ” Western education forbidden ’ .

" We managed to track down the truck and we found him breaking down in the dense bush . We are now trying to track down the middle of the girls were abducted , " explained the source .

Reported some female students managed to escape by jumping out of the truck when the evening . One of the female students who managed to escape said , the opportunity to escape came when some of the actors a little sidetracked when one of their vehicles broke down in the middle of the road .

" They’re trying to fix it . Then that some of us jumped out of the vehicle and ran into the bushes , " said the female student told AFP by telephone . The students had made ​​it back to Chibok .


Rain & Strong Winds ‘haunted’ Jakarta Residents Today

JAKARTA - Rain with mild to moderate intensity is predicted to overshadow the Capital region and surrounding areas today.

Based on weather forecasts Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG), Tuesday (04/15/2014), Jakarta is still shrouded in early morning clouds, while the rain is predicted to fall during the day.

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North and East Jakarta will be light rain, while other regions namely South Jakarta, East, and West rain of moderate intensity. Rain is expected to persist into the evening with light intensity.

It is also experienced advocates such as the city of Tangerang, Depok, Bogor, and Bekasi. Opened with cloudy weather and light rain, and moderate rain accompanied during the day with light rain closed in the evenings.

Are suggested for those who will be running outdoor activity today to remain vigilant in driving. Early warning of BMKG, the rain will be accompanied by a flash of lightning and strong winds with a short duration.


Ballots are swapped Threatens Election Integrity

Monitoring Coordinator General Partnership Wasono said , kKasus ballots in hundreds swapped polling stations ( TPS ) threatens the integrity of the elections . Commission urged to immediately resolve the case .

" This ( case of mistaken ballots ) to be a threat in the middle of the integrity of the electoral aspirations of the public in the implementation of this 2014 election , " said the Great Commission Building , Central Jakarta , Friday ( 04/11/2014 ) .

He asked the Commission to finish the logistical chaos that immediately underserved voters their right to vote and the recapitulation of the sound stage is not compromised . Court reminded , in sending ballots to vote again , the Commission must conduct a more stringent controls . This is to avoid the occurrence of the second volume confused ballots .

In addition , he said , the Commission should be able to anticipate the possibility of decreasing voter turnout in following the re-voting .

" 9 April is the momentum of the democratic party . In many places of high public interest . Ballots swapped the implementation pencoblosannya done through repeat voting interest and potentially reduce the level of community participation , especially if the technical preparations to implement the Commission was not optimal . Because of the very short time limit work to the work force , " he said .

Commission , said the Supreme , should be able to ensure the delivery of re- form C - 6 well distributed both to the voters .

Previously reported , the number of polling stations ( TPS ) are experiencing increasing ballots confused . Commission reveal , until now has 90 districts / cities in 23 provinces reported no ballot confused in its territory .

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" The last report at 00:00 pm this morning that there are 23 provinces spread over 92 districts / cities in 590 polling stations switched their ballot , " said Arief Budiman Commissioner Election Commission on Friday .


Shocking, Ridho Ficardo Lampung Governor Aged 33 Years

Ridho Ficardo 33 years old . These young people , which according to a quick count , won the election Lampung governor’s race .
If there is no obstruction and later officially inaugurated , Ridho born July 20, 1980 will be recorded in history as the youngest governor elected directly by the people .

Previously , the record is held by Ahmad youngest governor Arnold Baramuli who became Governor of North Sulawesi and Central (1960-1962) at the age of 29 years . However , he is not elected directly by the people , but appointed by President Sukarno .

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Based on a survey of Rakata Institute until around 23:45 pm last night , Ridho Berbakhti gained 44.78 percent sound .
In the second position is occupied pair number three , Herman HN - Zainudin Hasan ( Manzada ) with 33.39 percent of the vote .

Pair number one , Diamond Tihang - Mukhlis Basri ( Diamond Thee ) gained 14.76 percent of the vote and in the last position occupied by the pair number four , M Alzier Dianis Thabranie - Lukman Hakim ( Safe ) with 7.06 percent of the vote .
" The data that goes into this Rakata has reached 72.39 percent to 78.08 percent voter turnout , " said Executive Director of the Institute Eko Kuswanto Rakata , Wednesday ( 04/09/2014 ) night , as the Tribune reported Lampung ( Network ) .

While based on the Quick Count Saifulmujadi Reseach Center ( SRMC ) until around 00:51 pm , the couple Ridho - Bakhtiar get 43.95 percent of the vote . Followed pair Herman HN - 32.69 percent Zainuddin Hassan , Diamond Tihang - Mukhlis Basri 15.60 percent , and M Alzier Dianis Thabranie - Lukman Hakim 7.76 percent . Incoming data until around 00:51 pm this has reached 84.33 percent . ( * )